A busy start to 2018

I feel the need to recap what’s been going on because I’ve had the sense of being busy in January, which is not the same as being productive. Although maybe I am both? Admin Graded ~250 online exam essays. Started to organise some additional classes related to undergraduate dissertations, for which I get no (formal) […]

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Review of research in 2017

Following from last year’s research review, I’ve decided to repeat the process. You can’t be a proper academic if you don’t have a degree of imposter syndrome, and I’m always frustrated that I don’t achieve my ridiculously ambitious set of goals. So the list below has to be seen in the context of various local […]

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SGSS student-led PhD funding competition

There is a PhD funding opportunity from the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science. This is a student-led funding competition, so you should drive the process and complete the project proposal forms (see link below). After you’ve checked eligibility, even though it is a student-led process, you should get in touch with me soon as […]

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Carnegie Trust PhD funding competition

The 2018-19 Carnegie PhD Scholarship competition has been announced. Candidates must have (or expect to have) a First Class Hons degree from a Scottish University. There are additional eligibility criteria (see the link below) and you must meet all of these to be considered eligible. The expected start data is October 2018. This process involves […]

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Open post

matlab rant 2

So I just read this great rant about Matlab by Olivia Guest, and it reminded me to update my previous rant about Matlab, so here it is. For the record, I don’t disagree with anything Olivia said, and I’m not overly defending Matlab. I am trapped in its local minima and am slowly reaching escape velocity, moving over […]

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