Learning Python? Watch these videos…

Enthought have put together a very comprehensive set of training videos on how to program in Python. If you are a student or faculty, then you can register for their free academic account and get access to the videos. Highly recommended. https://enthought.com/services/training/python-training-on-demand

Software for MCMC

If you’ve decided to join the increasing number of people using MCMC methods to conduct Bayesian inference, then one important decision is which software to use. This decision will be influenced by your programming language of choice, see Figure below. If you use Matlab, then really your best choice at the moment is JAGS. You use it […]

Start coding. Do it.

This is not a fair, even-handed review of all possible languages for all purposes. The intended audience is undergraduate psychology students who cannot code. What is coding? Why learn to code? Excellent arguments are made in this person’s blog post “Why every (psychology) student should learn to code“. The main points are: If you want […]