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Vincent, B. T. (2015) A tutorial on Bayesian models of perception, Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 66:103–114. [blog post | code | pdf]

Vincent, B. T. (2015) Bayesian accounts of covert selective attention: a tutorial review, Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 77(4), 1013-1032. [blog post | code | pdf]

Baddeley, R., Vincent, B. T., & Attewell, D.. (2011). Information theory and perception: The role of constraints, and what do we maximize information about?. In Terzis, G., & Arp, R. (Eds.), In Information in Living Systems: Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives MIT Press. [pdf]

Visual information processing: covert attention

Vincent, B. T. (2015) Bayesian accounts of covert selective attention: a tutorial review, Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics. doi 10.3758/s13414-014-0830-0 [blog post | code | pdf]

Vincent, B. T.. (2011). Search asymmetries: parallel processing of uncertain sensory information. Vision Research, 51(15), 1741-1750. [blog post | pdf]

Vincent, B. T.. (2011). Covert visual search: Prior beliefs are optimally combined with sensory evidence. Journal of Vision, 11(13), 25. [blog post | pdf]

Vincent, B. T., Baddeley, R. J., Troscianko, T., & Gilchrist, I. D.. (2009). Optimal feature integration in visual search. Journal of Vision, 9(5), 15. [blog post | pdf]

Visual information processing: eye movements

Vincent, B. T.. (2012). How do we use the past to predict the future in oculomotor search? Vision Research, 74, 93-101. [blog post | pdf]

Tatler, B. W., & Vincent, B. T.. (2009). The prominence of behavioural biases in eye guidance. Visual Cognition, 17(6-7), 1029-1054. [blog post | pdf]

Vincent, B. T., Baddeley, R., Correani, A., Troscianko, T., & Leonards, U.. (2009). Do we look at lights? Using mixture modelling to distinguish between low- and high-level factors in natural image viewing. Visual Cognition, 17(6-7), 856-879. [blog post | pdf]

Tatler, B. W., & Vincent, B. T.. (2008). Systematic tendencies in scene viewing. Journal of Eye Movement Research. [blog post | pdf]

Vincent, B. T., Troscianko, T., & Gilchrist, I. D.. (2007). Investigating a space-variant weighted salience account of visual selection. Vision Research, 47(13), 1809-1820. [blog post | pdf]

Tatler, B. W., Baddeley, R. J., & Vincent, B. T.. (2006). The long and the short of it: Spatial statistics at fixation vary with saccade amplitude and task. Vision Research, 46(12), 1857-1862. [blog post | pdf]

Visual information processing: neural energy efficiency in early visual receptive fields

Vincent, B. T., Baddeley, R. J., Troscianko, T., & Gilchrist, I. D.. (2005). Is the early visual system optimised to be energy efficient? Network, 16(2-3), 175-190. [blog post | code | pdf]

Vincent, B. T.. (2004) Energy Efficiency in Neural Systems. PhD Thesis.

Vincent, B. T., & Baddeley, R. J.. (2003). Synaptic energy efficiency in retinal processing. Vision Research, 43(11), 1285-1292. [blog post | code | pdf]

Financial decision making

Vincent, B. T. (in press). Hierarchical bayesian estimation and hypothesis testing for delay discounting tasks. Behavior Research Methods.  [blog post | code ]

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