Research topics


Cognitive psychology; overt and covert attention; visual information processing; search behaviour; decision making; computational modelling; Bayesian Decision Theory; combining expectations and observations; bias and rationality.


Attention as inference

Attentional phenomena have often been used to derive general properties of the brain. I am evaluating the notion that attentional phenomena are the result of inference processes. Empirical support for this could potentially show that basic inferential processes are at work, and these could potentially form the basis of attentive phenomena in the real world.


Overt attention: where to look




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Neuronal energy efficiency

Cognitive psychology broadly sees the brain as an information processor, but is the brain really just an abstract computational device? Brains are physical entities that are under the same physical constraints as everything else and one of these is energy consumption. Perhaps it is the case that being efficient in the use of energy within the brain has formed a powerful evolutionary selection pressure? My investigations have focussed on how energy efficiency shapes the neural organisation of the early visual system and its representations of the world. So far we have show that if one takes this approach, then considerable insight can be gained into the aeitiology of the early visual system.