Benjamin Vincent

btvincentI am Dr Benjamin Vincent. I have been a lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Dundee since 2007. Before that, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bristol, UK with Prof. Tom Troscianko and Prof Iain D. Gilchrist. And before that I obtained both my undergraduate degree (Neuroscience, 1st Class Hons) and DPhil (Neuroscience, supervised by Dr Roland Baddeley) at the University of Sussex, UK.

Join the lab

Feel free to email me if our research interests overlap. If you are studying in the School of Psychology, then I occasionally offer short research apprenticeship positions. If you are interested in studying for a PhD, then see here for studentships available, and feel free to get in touch.

There are also post-doctoral funding opportunities from the AXA Research Fund which are appropriate. They have some fairly broad sounding remits, including ‘Individual and collective behaviours towards uncertainty,‘  so many projects in decision making or behavioural economics could be appropriate. The fellowship sounds like an excellent chance for you to develop your own independent line of research.

MSc project students

Academic yearPersonProject
2012-13Max DowswellInvestigating the efficiency of how people explore space
2012-13John-Henry BruceForaging in virtual environments

Research Assistants

Academic yearPersonProject
2015Rebbecca Morris and Vaidas StaugaitisDelay discounting. Contributed to data collection resulting in this paper.
2013Louise Heron, Alexander Tan, Shauna DonaldsonFinancial decision making
2012-13Keith Bonington and Shauna DonaldsonSearch experiments with touch screens
2012-13Audrey WalkerAn initial investigation (funded by the Carnegie Trust) on the differences in male and female decision making
2011-12Alexander TanEye tracking experiment that resulted in this paper.
Audrey Walker and Fabia CientanniHelped develop methodology in visual psychophysics

Undergraduate dissertation students

Academic yearPersonProject
2013-14Keith BoningtonOdour
2013-14Paige SangsterMusic and working memory
2013-14Joanne ButterworthWillpower
2013-14Liam BlairComputer games
2013-14Marybeth AirdSocial connectedness
2012-13Audrey WalkerEgo depletion, willpower, PMS, and glucose. Winner of the Reginald Laville Memorial Prize, BPS Undergraduate Award, and co-winner of the Senior Honours Class Medal
2012-13Fabia CientanniBerocca
2012-13Kirsty SpeersWillpower and exercise
2012-13Karl Smith-ByrnePosner cueing and temporal accumulation models. Winner of the Level 4 Philip Burgess Prize
2011-12Wendy GammieAttentional blink
2011-12Chloe MullhollandPosner cuing
2011-12Carrie MorrisBelief
2011-12Brittany AndersonDecision making: Multiple cue probability learning
2009-10Karina Duff
2009-10Sarah Woodall
2009-10Tara Connelly
2008-9Louise Nichols
2008-9Niamh Spurr
2008-9Ashleigh Findlay
2008-9Sophie Preston
2008-9Kirsten Drummond