Some of my research has taken (and will continue to take) a decision making approach to low-level tasks in visual perception and visual attention. Recently however I have been working on some higher level decision making tasks and so I’ve been scoping out target journals and conferences. In this post I provide a brief list of suitable journals. If I’ve missed any, then please do comment.

Searching Web of Science for journals with ‘decision’ in the title highlighted a few that are relevant to me. I list them in the form: Journal (Impact Factor to 1dp) Publisher (comments).

More general journals under the Web of Science ‘Psychology – Multidisciplinary’ category that seemed appropriate were:

Finally, I looked under the Web of Science ‘Psychology – Mathematical’ category and the relevant journals were:

Others of interest (I’ll add to this list over time)

I was hesitant to include the impact factors of the journals because there is a clear case for them being flawed (Seglen, 1997). But I included them as these kinds of metrics are being used by internal REF-panel decisions of what work is REF-submittable. Not an ideal situation, but it’s the world we live in and not the topic of this post.


Seglen, P. O. (1997). Why the impact factor of journals should not be used for evaluating research. BMJ (Clinical Research Ed.), 314(7079), 498–502.

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