I am Dr Benjamin T. Vincent. I have been a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Dundee since 2007. Before that, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bristol, UK with Prof. Tom Troscianko and Prof Iain D. Gilchrist. And before that I obtained both my undergraduate degree (Neuroscience, 1st Class Hons) and DPhil (Neuroscience, supervised by Dr Roland Baddeley) at the University of Sussex, UK.

Masters Students

Alumni: Kerlin Pedak, Max Dowswell, John-Henry Bruce

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Mariam Okhai
  • Ailish Draper
  • Ashley Bedford
  • Zoi Asimakopoulou

Alumni: Madeleine Caven, Rebbecca Morris, Vaidas Staugaitis, Louise Heron, Alexander Tan, Keith Bonington and Shauna Donaldson, Audrey Henderson, Alexander Tan, Fabia Cientanni.

Academic Collaborators


I regularly run short semester-long research apprenticeship projects. I normally advertise these to undergraduates, but if you have a particular interest then do feel free to email.


The School has a number of PhD scholarships available each year. If you are interested in applying for a PhD, feel free to get in touch.


I'm always open to putting a grant together for post-doc funding. Aside from the research councils, the AXA Research Fund is appropriate.