Teaching tip: scatter matrix plots help students see the big picture

I recently went through a draft student project. While their literature review and understanding of pairwise relationships was great, the presentation of a complex literature and set of predictions wasn’t as clear as it could be. The apparent complexity or volume of things to talk about perhaps obscured the simple solution that (as a fresh pair […]

A grammar of multi-panel scientific plots: initial thoughts

In common with many scientists, I have no formal training in computer science and my coding skills have been entirely self-taught. I’ve been coding for over a decade and a half, and I thought I was a relatively good programmer, but I had mistaken familiarity with expertise. And so recently I have been on a […]

Sate the urge to draw a graph: useful software

Sometimes one just has the urge to draw a graph, and to draw a graph quickly. This happens to me when I’m trying to convey basic ideas either in my teaching material or for the introduction of a talk, for example. In the past I have tried the approach of copy/paste from Google Images or by searching through my paper […]

Metabolic income inequality in the human body

We’ve been hearing a lot about society’s inequality in terms of wealth and income recently. Many statistics are quoted along the lines of “Britain’s top 1% own as much as the bottom 55%.” This made me think back to my DPhil work, where one of the key factoids constantly in my mind was the disproportionately demanding nature […]