It is Time to Stop Teaching Frequentism to Non-statisticians

Great stuff, from William M. Briggs

[…] there are lot of folks out there who, because they once had a graduate survey course in regression, and have personally produced a p-value or two, feel they are versed sufficiently in probability to pass on their skills to fresh students. But their rendering of the subtleties of the subject is often not unlike the playing of a worn cassette tape, which itself was copied from a bootleg. This might even be acceptable, except that some who hear these concerts go on themselves to teach statistics. This is an odd situation. It is as if a cadre of mathematicians who had once read a greeting card and then wrote a love poem felt that they were qualified to teach English Literature and then began doing so—and issued credits for it, too—all with the hope that their students will go on to write novels.

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