Review of research in 2017

Following from last year’s research review, I’ve decided to repeat the process. You can’t be a proper academic if you don’t have a degree of imposter syndrome, and I’m always frustrated that I don’t achieve my ridiculously ambitious set of goals. So the list below has to be seen in the context of various local institutional challenges and on a time allowance of 1.5 days per week (30%) for research, and a reasonably heavy teaching load. That’s either an explanation or an excuse, take your pick.

Inter-temporal choice methods

I still have some work underway on perceptual decision making and attention, but I’ve been focusing upon temporal discounting (aka inter-temporal choice). My strategy here was to produce rigorous methodology that I’ll need to collect and analyse discounting data. So we can efficiently collect data using the DARC Toolbox (Vincent & Rainforth, preprint), and then analyse that data with hierarchical Bayesian methods (Vincent, 2016). This took a bit longer than expected, but these things take time. Soon we’ll hopefully see the fruits of this work in terms of some empirical contributions. And of course, if others find these tools useful then that is a bonus.

Non-research stuff

  • I took on the role of co-lead for Academic Integrity for our School. I’m hoping that, as a Psychologist, I can help distribute recent developments in open and reproducible science to other disciplines in the School.
  • Had a lot of fun brining in a lot of new content on open and reproducible science into my MSc module


I’ve got a bunch of talks and workshops set up for next year, so looking forward to that… a bit of Canada, a bit of Amsterdam, and bit of UK. We’ll get these pre-prints submitted and out. I’m looking forward to submitting a theory/modelling idea on time discounting that I’ve been working on. And looking forward to pushing forward various collaborations in the works. I’ll be paying particular attention to lab efficiency – something I’ve not excelled at in the past.

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